Rock The Room Live
Rock The Room Victoria Labalme

Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 4, 5, 2017

Victoria Labalme


Whether you have a keynote, workshop, high-stakes meeting, pitch,
product launch, podcast, video, webinar, or TED talk…

Creating an Experience
is More Important
than Delivering Information

And When You Do This . . .
You’ll Make a Bigger Impact and Deliver your Message in a way that Changes People’s Thinking and Brings in the Business, Raving Fans, Recognition and Revenue you Deserve.

The biggest mistake made in presentations is that people focus too much on the information they want to convey and not enough on the experience they want the other person (or people) to have…


The truth is that what people remember from a communication setting is the experience…
the way the information is expressed.


Your audience is craving an EXPERIENCE.


Your audience will remember an EXPERIENCE.


Your audience will buy an EXPERIENCE.


Rock The Room Victoria Labalme

Victoria blends decades of show business, entrepreneurship and experience working with Fortune 100 companies and some of the world’s most recognized brands. Her Rock The Room® Performance System™ will help you transform an ordinary communication into an unforgettable experience your prospects, customers and clients will never forget.

You have a message that needs to be heard…
Your ideas are cutting edge…
Your vision is unique…

Rock The Room® Will Show You How To…

  • Captivate your audience
  • Tell your story; be compelling
  • Cut your prep time in half
  • Catapult from being good to being great
  • Get the confidence you crave
  • Create killer content
  • Get texts from people, “You nailed it!”
  • Tell stories like a pro using Hollywood Secrets
  • Receive rave reviews and coveted referrals
  • Take the audience on a journey
  • Learn First & Final™ – start and end strong
  • Add humor with 3 fail-safe techniques
  • Make complex, dry data come to life
  • Be free from memorizing or winging it
  • Create unbelievably cool distinguishing “bits”
  • Rock it in small settings and large groups
  • Be yourself on-camera
  • Get offered bigger opportunities

Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 4, 5, 2017

Victoria Labalme - JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin

New York Times Best-Selling Author,
Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

JJ Virgin increases livestream conversions from 11% to 38%
and preps 5 talks in 1/10 the time

New York Times Best-Selling author JJ Virgin credits Victoria’s training with catapulting her career. The Rock The Room® Performance System gave her the tools to more than double her conversions on Livestream sales and create landmark presentations.

“Just 10 days after working with Victoria, I spoke at an arena event to my largest audience yet – I implemented everything Victoria had taught me…and I got a standing ovation. If you speak in a group, on a conference call, or even to one person and you want to do so with more confidence and more impact, you owe it to yourself and your future and everyone you serve to work with Victoria. She is one of those rare experts whose impact on your life goes far beyond what you came for. I sought her out to up-level my presentation skills, but I left with so much more. Not only did she catapult my speaking skills with outstanding techniques, but she also catapulted my career.”


Bernard Parisot

President and Co-CEO

JCDecaux President and Co-CEO, Bernard Parisot,
closes a $400 million contract

JCDecaux North America applied Victoria’s Rock The Room® techniques and landed two critical contracts. Key executives at JCDecaux as well as top executives at CNN / Turner and Premier Partnerships went through Victoria’s training to put together a critical presentation..

“We brought Victoria in to help us prepare for an oral presentation for a $400 million contract, so the stakes were really high. She paid attention and helped each one of us, leaving no one behind. At the end of what was really a crash session – less than a week altogether – we were fully prepared. We won the contract, and with her help, the next contract, too. Victoria is far more than a public-speaking coach; she is a true communication counselor, and the impact of her teaching extends way beyond the stage.  We cannot thank her enough! “

Victoria Labalme - Kellyann Petrucci

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Host, PBS Special “21 Days to a Slimmer and Younger You”
Celebrity Nutritionist

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci rocks her TV special and breaks records as the most booked new talent in the history of PBS

Celebrity doctor and best-selling Author Dr. Kellyann attended Victoria’s LIVE training and – in her words — “broke all PBS records as the ‘most booked new talent in the history of PBS’. I was animated and funny; I was totally at ease on stage; it was the most extraordinary moment of my career. Pure timelessness.”

“Investing in Victoria is simply smart business. She plays at the highest level possible. From strategy to storytelling, messaging to marketing, positioning to production, Victoria’s insights completely upgraded my PBS special. She goes way beyond presentations skills and is a true master of guiding you to greatness. In fact, I call her “V the Great” and she is.”

Victoria Labalme - Jon Roskill

Jon Roskill

Corporate Vice President
CEO, Acumatica

Microsoft Executive Jon Roskill uses Victoria’s training to rock a high-stakes presentation to more than 17,000 partners
with billions of dollars on the line

Jon Roskill has worked with Victoria since 2009 to transform his content and presentation style, increase his effectiveness, and garner positive comments from his team, peers and partners.

“If you’re looking for an elite coach who can transform your presentations (and you as a presenter), I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough. She is direct, insightful, committed, fun to work with and results oriented. When speaking to corporate partners whose investment adds up to billions of dollars, the stakes are high. Victoria has been my ace in the hole. You would be remiss not to take advantage of the opportunity to have Victoria on your team.”

Victoria Labalme - Stu McLaren

Stu McLaren

Business Strategist for Michael Hyatt,
and Co-Founder of Wishlist Member & Rhino Support

Entrepreneur & World-Leading Marketing Expert,
Stu McLaren is voted “Top Speaker”

With Victoria’s system, Stu McLaren, who provides consulting at $15,000/day, developed an engaging and well-laid out presentation, that immediately resulted in 4 consulting clients, totaling $60,000 in revenue. At another event, using Victoria’s strategies, he won a speaking competition and earned a $25,000 check.

“Victoria showed me how to truly WOW an audience…and it’s a repeatable process regardless of what presentation I give or audience I speak to. Because of what she teaches, I’ve been voted “Top Speaker” multiple times in the last 6 months and my prep time is a fraction of what it used to be. I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough.”

The Experience

Rock The Room® Is The Premier Event Where Top Executives, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Advisors And Celebrities Go When They Know They Need To Knock It Out Of The Park

Victoria Labalme - Joe Polish Lisa Sasevich Mike Koenigs
Victoria Labalme - Joe Polish
Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room™
Victoria Labalme - Julie Cairns
Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room™ Circle
Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room™ Teaching From Stage

Rock The Room® LIVE is an amazing interactive adventure that will give you the tools you need to rock it…every time.


The truth is, learning to speak is about far more than “presentations skills” (Snore)


It’s about expressing your best ideas in a way that lights you up, unlocks the audience’s potential and influences people’s lives for the better.


Uncover your hidden genius. Tap into your unique talents.


And rock it the way that only you can.


Everyone who leaves Victoria’s training says, “That was so much fun! I feel much more free. I feel I can finally BE myself.”

Rock The Room® LIVE

Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 4, 5, 2017

What You Get…

3-Day Rock The Room® LIVE Experience – VALUE $4997

Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room® LIVE

This is a live event experience like no other.


Taking you through a profound creative learning experience, this hands-on intensive workshop covers the key components of the Rock The Room® Performance System: Throughline, Content, Structure, Preparation & Delivery.


Hone current material, develop new content and learn mastery-level techniques.


This is NOT your “run-of-the-mill” presentation training; it’s more like an extravaganza with a mix of experiences, exercises, presenting to others, on-camera practice…and a ton of fun.


You’ll leave Rock The Room® LIVE inspired, with all kinds of potential unlocked, with new-found abilities and excitement for the opportunities ahead.


This is an event not to be missed.

BONUS 1: Rock The Room® Online Training – VALUE $2997

Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room™ Online Course

Get Victoria’s 5-Module Rock The Room® Performance System so you can knock your presentations out of the park.


This is your 24/7 all-access pass to Victoria’s kick-ass online training – and you can access it wherever you want, whether you’re on the go, at home or at work.



  • Get immediate access to the killer videos – quick, bite-sized, simple and fun. This is high-value material that you can learn at your own pace.


  • Access a range of super cool PDF downloads and “play-sheets” to get your creative juices flowing! Get checklists, summaries, transcripts and more.


  • You also get access to numerous audio recordings, including previous coaching calls where Victoria has answered many of your top questions.


Rock The Room Victoria Labalme

The #1 way to focus
your communications and become
a “transcendent” speaker.

Learn More
  • Every audience is different. How you connect with them makes all the difference.
  • Discover the 3 Profound Questions you must ask before you craft any message
    Apply 2 killer techniques to understand your audience’s hidden fears and objections
  • Learn the KDF and PSU systems so your message leaves an impression and people take action


Rock The Room Victoria Labalme

Create innovative content. Captivate your audience from beginning to end. And create a memorable experience

Learn More
  • Cut your prep time in half using Victoria’s V-Card System
  • Avoid the #1 mistake most communicators make. Engage your audience with The Prism Effect™ & Full Spectrum Speaking™
  • Incorporate humor with 3 fail-safe techniques


Rock The Room Victoria Labalme

Learn a rock solid system to put your presentation together and take the audience on a journey they’ll never forget.

Learn More
  • Make an impact with the two most important moments (which you can’t afford to blow)
  • Get V’s Constellation Technique™ and get both structure AND freedom. You’ll never need to memorize (or wing it!) again
  • Learn the Tent Pole Technique™ to guarantee you WOW the audience throughout


Rock The Room Victoria Labalme

Prep like a pro so you can show up without stress. Know EXACTLY what you need to do…EVERY time.

Learn More
  • Get V’s 20 Critical Preparation and Production tips you can’t afford NOT to know
  • Learn a killer technique to prep when you have limited time
  • Get 12 Clothing and Appearance Tips including Mistakes and Mishaps you want to avoid!


Rock The Room Victoria Labalme

Learn the secrets you need
to deliver like a master presenter —
live or through the lens.

Learn More
  • Get mastery-level tips for eye contact, gestures, pacing & rhythm
  • Learn key techniques for audience interaction, participation & volunteers
  • Use the space dynamically to create a memorable audience experience

BONUS 2: Bring Your Stories To Life Online Training – VALUE $397

Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room™ - Bring Your Stories To Life

This BONUS Course Module helps you bring your stories to life using comedy, characters and movement.


Drawing on her extensive theatre background, Victoria helps you transform your personal stories into attention-grabbing, poignant powerful and motivating stories that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact.

BONUS 3: Rock the Room® Quick Start Training – VALUE $197

Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room™ Quick Start

Got a presentation tomorrow?


Need a Quick Start? No worries. This information packed audio will get you started with the key Rock The Room® processes you need to prep fast and fabulously for your next presentation.

That’s $8,588.00 VALUE

Yours for $4997

Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 4, 5, 2017

Victoria Labalme - Rock The Room™ - Payment

100% Secure payment

Plus, You Get My Iron-Clad
Money-Back Guarantee


Iron-Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t think the Rock The Room® LIVE Event is worth its value, anytime up until the final hour of the live portion of the 3-day event, if you turn in all of your completed homework and workbook materials and let us know in writing why the event was not of value, we’ll refund your event tuition, plus pay for your flight to the event and your hotel costs.


We believe that strongly in what we do and what we deliver.

About Victoria Labalme

Victoria Labalme transforms elite leaders’ and influencers’ communication skills so they rock it on stage, on camera and in life. She is the strategic performance guide to leading entrepreneurs, New York Times best selling authors, C-suite executives and top teams at dozens of companies including Starbucks, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Lowe’s, New York Life, Workday and PayPal. Victoria has helped her clients win contracts worth $400 million, deliver critical presentations with billions of dollars on the line, create standout PBS specials, craft landmark TEDx talks, rock their launch videos and livestreams, and knock it out of the park for audiences ranging from 1 to 17,000.

As a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame and founder of The Throughline™, Risk Forward™ and Rock The Room®, Victoria has served as the keynote speaker on some of the world’s largest stages. She offers uncommon perspectives and insights, developed from two decades of professional show business experience: performances of her one-woman shows at theaters across the U.S., cameo on HBO’s “Sex & The City”, Caroline’s on Broadway, TV special with Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel, documentary by an Academy Award winning director, 27 commercials, a Super Bowl spot and upcoming: Executive Producer of a documentary directed by Frank Oz.

What People Are Saying

Mike_Koenigs_Head_Shot (1)

Mike Koenigs

“I came to Victoria’s program because I want to become a mainstream speaker. Because of this course, I will multiply the amount of money that i make when I speak, but I also believe I’m going to be able to break into the mainstream now, which is really what I want to do next. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, these are tools and resources to get you out of your head, into your heart and be able to give the best you possible with the least amount of effort and work. Victoria Labalme’s programs are incredible. I can’t say enough good things except that I’m not only going to be one of her biggest fans, I’ll probably be her biggest referral as well. This is a great value, she speaks and operates from the heart and you’re going to be able to walk in here from a very, very safe place and be able to take and use and implement immediately and see some fantastic results. That much I can assure you. She’s incredible!”

– Mike Koenigs, Founder and CEO, MiXiv


Kirsten Hanson

“This workshop has impacted me in profound ways – hard to put into words. I learned the Throughline is critical to giving a very meaningful speech, and it’s essential to living a meaningful, thoughtful life. The workshop was inspiring, and moving — an amazingly transformational experience that I know will be with me always.”

 – Kirsten Hanson, Senior Director, Org & Talent Development, Oracle

Victoria Labalme - Joe Polish

Joe Polish

“Victoria taught an organizational system and a preparational system which will cut my preparation time in half and I think that alone is going to be worth in terms of time and money, hundreds of thousands of dollars…if not millions of dollars in the course of my career. If you want to make more impact while you’re presenting or speaking — not just in front of audiences, but on videos, in conferences, team meetings — if you’re an entrepreneur or work for a corporation, this is about effective communication and taking it seriously. I highly, highly recommend that you become a part of her process. She’s awesome.”

 – Joe Polish, Founder, Genius Network® & Piranha Marketing


Kate Hutchison

“Victoria is the best coach I have worked with and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has coached several of our top leaders, helping them deliver the best performances of their careers — speeches that are highly rated, dynamic and memorable. Victoria’s influence goes far beyond speech coach; she has helped transform those she’s worked with to be more confident, more powerful and more impactful in their communications. Whatever you are thinking of paying her, I guarantee it’s worth its value ten-fold. She knows her stuff, her feedback is spot on, and she will make a very positive and lasting difference on your career path — as she did mine!”

 – Kate Hutchison, CMO and EVP, Marketing, Polycom Inc.

Victoria Labalme - Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays

“Victoria is a rock-star. What I learned at her event was a set of amazing systems and frameworks that I can use to make sure I do a great job every time – whether on stage, in an interview, in a meeting or on camera.”

 – Jeff Hays, CEO, Jeff Hays Films

Victoria Labalme - Lisa Sasevich

Lisa Sasevich

“Victoria walked me step-by-step through her system. It allows a busy person like me to be able to walk into any length talk and be completely prepared literally in 10 minutes with the new system. I know exactly what I want to talk about, the point I want to make, how I’m going to open, how I want to close and that is invaluable. What I’ve learned from Victoria in these amazing 2-days in really how I can drop deeper into my heart, how I can express the authentic nature of what it is that I really want to communicate even better. How I can expand into a whole other world of possibility for my career, which is being able to get out there and inspire and move a room and really have a message land in a multi-dimensional way that people remember.”

– Lisa Sasevich, CEO/Owner, The Invisible Close™




Alexandra Levit, Author, Speaker & Consultant

After participating in Victoria’s workshop, I gave a high profile closing keynote at the Human Capital Institute’s annual

» Read More >

leadership conference. Usually, people are in and out of the room and fidgety at the end of the day, but no one in that audience moved. The organizer said she never saw such a creative presentation, and several attendees commented that it was the best talk of the day. These results can 100% be attributed to Victoria and her course.

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Dr. Tami Meraglia, Owner,

Victoria has brought so much knowledge and structure to my future presentations that I’m so thrilled to be able to have a plan

» Read More >

for how to make it successful. But even more importantly, the authenticity, the safety and the level of depth that she was able to go made it a life changing experience, too.

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Stephen S. Pappaterra, J.D, Senior Vice President & Director

Victoria, the recent presentation skills session with you was remarkable! I was completely impressed with how well you

» Read More >

listened to what really mattered to me, without mouthing the kinds of clichés and trite aphorisms that abound in the speaking and coaching industry. Your insights, enthusiasm, and encouragement were more than worth the time and cost.

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Chris Carr, Executive Vice President, US Retail, Starbucks

A phenomenal week. When I first had the opportunity to come here for the weekend, I was thinking, how much could I really

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learn over 1 day and a half? My primary objective was not so much the content or the curriculum, but personally the development gap that I saw in myself. When I think about Starbucks, it’s such an emotional company and we really speak from our heart, our mind and from our soul. One of my challenges was well how can I really translate my personal passion for the company in a language that would really resonate with our partners? I can tell you that the past day and a half for me has personally been transformational. Do I think I’m perfect in terms of the skill of public speaking? No, but when I think about having a playbook that will enable me to continue to analyze myself, to identify my gaps and to continue to grow and develop, I don’t think I could have spent another day and a half in a more productive way.

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Peggy McColl, Bestselling Author, Your Destiny Switch (Hay House)

The investment I made with Victoria has been returned multiplied. Victoria helped me organize my material into a

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logical and dynamic format, and worked with me to deliver it with style and pizzazz. Working with her has given me a sense of peace, knowing I’m fully prepared to ‘stand up and deliver a memorable performance’ and to feel confident knowing that I am making a positive difference to those I am blessed to serve. My audiences and the groups I speak to are really the ones who benefit most.Her exceptional talent goes way beyond simply “speech coaching” as she’s given me tons of ideas for my marketing as well. Her interest in my material and her commitment to my success has exceeded my expectations. She is truly and deeply caring and I’m so grateful that I was referred to her by another one of her many happy clients. And I’ve just signed up for a second round!!

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Blake Fly, Author, Speaker, Music Maker

Victoria single-handedly gave me the confidence and the chops on stage to triple my fee, stand out in the crowded

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speaker space and take calculated risks on stage that get me at least 3 referral gigs every time I walk off stage. My business and life are downright better because of her impact on both. I return to her again and again for advanced input….and it only gets better.

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Vince Poscente, Olympian, New York Times Best Seller author of The Age of Speed

Victoria Labalme is a master storyteller and performance coach. The second I heard her speak, Victoria’s ideas were

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velcro’d to my brain. I use what I learned from her every single time I speak. Victoria puts the letters ROI in “communication strategies.” Whatever she charges, pay it! She is the Communications Goddess.

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Danny Cahill, President, Hobson Associates

Before I went to Victoria Labalme’s Elite Group Weekend I had gotten to the point in my career where I was booked a

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year in advance, had increased my fees every year for a decade, and had lost complete touch with why I was a speaker, whether I should be a speaker, and if I was making a difference. People would send me emails telling me how great the sessions were but I knew in my heart they had lost whatever elusive “essence” I once had. It was the worst kind of fakery. The half hearted kind. And only you know. The Elite Experience was a wake up call for me. If I was going to speak, and I was already committed to 20 sessions before year’s end, I might as well revisit the skill set required to be the best I could be at it. Having a theatre and performing background, it wasn’t so much that I learned new things, though I’m sure anyone outside of those milieus would, but I 1) re learned them. They had gone far away 2) I was given a methodology to apply them. I got valuable insight as to the process by which we find, develop and present new material. Victoria brings out the best of you. It’s her gift. Most important I had forgotten how important speakers were to people. I was reminded by the other members how profound a difference great speakers had made in their lives. Victoria reinforces this minor miracle in the most nurturing and unassuming way. She lives it, she knows it. It is her truth. You can’t help but come away from the Elite Group a better speaker, Victoria gives you all the tools. But if you don’t watch out, you’ll come away wanting to be a better person as well. You’ll leave with a distinct sense of urgency not to waste another day.

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Diane Craig, President,
Corporate Class, Inc.

Victoria: Thank you so very much. Your help was immeasurable. Over the years, I looked into taking a course on presentation

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skills a number of times, but after watching those who were teaching it – I never felt compelled to sign on. Today, after working with you for only a few hours (not to mention that it was just over the phone – and have never met you in person), I can say without hesitation, that my decision to trust your ability in helping me improve my presentation skills, was not only a great decision but in fact, exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with and learning from you again soon.

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Mike Rayburn, Guitar Virtuoso, Carnegie Hall Performer

Victoria Labalme’s coaching took everything about my presenta-tion to a higher level and some things over the top. Rather than

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fit me into a preconceived mold, Victoria was able to coach me from the perspective of who I am and bring out what is best about me and develop my uniqueness. And it was a blast. Without hesitation I recommend Victoria Labalme to any presenter who wants to master their craft in every way.

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Anne-Marie Pratt, Former CEO, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Partner & CEO of Entrepreneur Division, IMPAQ Corporation

Gone are the days of endless writing and hours on PowerPoint,

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that lead me to ramble on stage, stumble over words, lose my points, and ultimately lose my audience. Now my audience gets The Real Annie, who naturally gets to the point, makes a big impact, and connects in a way that is both human and incredibly effective.

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Barry Moltz, Best Selling Author of Bounce! and BAM! Delivering Customer Service in s Self Service World (Wiley)

Talk about ROI!!! After working with Victoria through her private

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coaching sessions, I was able to get a 10:1 return on what I invested with her when a client booked me for a series of multiple gigs as a result of the one speech she coached me on. On top of this, the work I have done with her has inspired me to take my career to the next level. She showed me my potential, what was possible, and coached me to be so much better than I ever thought I could be. Audiences now cheer because of her! Thank you, Victoria, for making such a huge difference in my life.

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Dawn Trautman, SVP, IT and Strategic Planning, Pacific Life

I really appreciated the way Victoria took the time to get to know me and the things that I was comfortable with, and was

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able to give me good ideas to make my presentations more authentic. But in ways that I’m very comfortable with.

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Darren Smith, Senior VP, National Sales Manager, John Hancock Funds

Victoria, I wanted to let you know again how much I’ve appreciated working with you. When I became convinced last year that

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it was time to take my presentation skills to a new level, and considered seeking an outside consultant, I took the decision very seriously. While you came very highly recommended, I still had doubts about the impact you could really have. You have far exceeded my expectations!! You have not only helped me become a much better stage presenter, which is why I hired you, but you have also helped me become a much better communicator, which has been an absolutely priceless benefit. Your background and perspective are unique and refreshing, but extremely applicable, and I think that’s what makes the difference. You’ve enabled me to adopt an entirely new perspective regarding communication in general, and that has enabled me to become a much better speaker, but most importantly, it has enabled me to become a much better leader. It’s been said that we never really grow or improve until we get a little bit uncomfortable, and I want to thank you again for helping to nudge me out of my comfort zone when I needed it. Those of us that have been doing this for an extended period of time tend to think that we have a lot of things figured out, and we get really comfortable doing things a certain way. As a result, it’s easy to experience atrophy as we stop growing. You helped me stretch and get a little uncomfortable at times, which I know has added immeasurably to my growth and development, and will continue to pay dividends for years to come. Thanks again for all your help.

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Uris Dacosta, Vice President of Global Design, PayPal

To sum it up, the Elite Group Advanced Experience is about finding your voice. Victoria does three things remarkably well: she

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makes people see the voice that every individual that works with her has; she inspires you to bring that out; she teaches you the skills on how to deliver. My favorite aspect was getting out of my comfort zone and that’s definitely something that Victoria looks to do – not in a way that’s inhibiting but in a way that really broadens one’s thought about how far you can go. If there’s kind of one word that really ties the Elite Group Advanced Experience together, it’s transformative. Truly inspiring.

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John O’Melia, Senior Vice President, EMC

Within the corporate world you’re very focused on, “I’ve got a presentation on Monday, what do you want me to cover in this

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presentation? What’s the content you want me to deliver?” It’s very focused on slides and content. You lose sight of what are you trying to achieve out of that presentation. The key thing for me is I’ll move away from just focusing on the content and the delivery of the content to providing an experience and really trying to understand what am I trying to achieve with each presentation that I give. It’s been a fantastic two days. I would thoroughly recommend it to everybody, certainly people in the corporate space.

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Nicolas Boillot, CEO,
HB Agency

The Elite Group Experience Advanced event has completely changed how I’m going to speak and I am so deeply grateful. 

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I have so many ideas about sales presentations, about management meetings, about company meetings and so many better ways to both formulate my thoughts and get my key points across. Within a few hours it had already paid for itself.

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Jackie Huba, Best Selling Author of three books on customer loyalty

Victoria Labalme helped take my speaking from good to great. I came to her to increase the performance level of my

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keynotes and engage audiences more, and Victoria delivered. She is a master at helping to reshape and reframe content to make it more accessible to an audience. As a result of her coaching, I’m having more fun, I feel more like the real me is out there and if I’m part of a conference, event organizers as well as audience members are saying my presentation was ‘the best of the whole event.’ I’m getting more and more inbound requests for speeches. Victoria helps find your true talents and bring them to life on the stage. I would highly recommend her to both beginner and experienced speakers.

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James Pooley, Former Deputy Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization

I recovered the cost of the program with the increased impact of my next few

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presentations! Rock the Room helped me break out and become the one speaker they remember — and I’m having more fun too!

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Mike Conlon, Vice President, Worldwide Channels, Polycom, Inc.

Coming into this class, I didn’t really understand if it was going to be well worth my two days outside of the field and my day-

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to-day operations. But leaving the class, I’m absolutely pumped. I have a new perspective on how to build a presentation and what the structure needs to look like and how to build a very effective communication strategy and storyboard.

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Trish Lum, VP Operations,

Victoria draws out the best in you by truly listening and understanding the message you are trying to convey. She showed

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me how to transform my content into authentic and memorable stories that I could deliver with confidence and flair. If you have an important message to deliver, or just want to find your authentic voice and become a speaker that people remember, Victoria will take you on an entertaining and enlightening journey you will never forget. P.S. Pay her lots of money…she’s worth it!

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Greg R. Brown, VP, CTO,
Intel Corp.

I have done several other classes on presentation courses that were designed to serve specific marketing needs. Victoria’s

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approach is a whole new level of skills for the executive presenter. Her techniques and tools advance the exercise from creating a presentation to creating an experience that has the potential to change the world.

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Dan Beck, Vice President, Technology Product Management

My initial thought when I came to the training was that it was going to be yet another speaker training; of which I have been to

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many. What I realized throughout immediately was a completely different experience. It was immersive. It was artistic. We talked about art, psychology and making an impact. I now think about bringing an experience to my audience whether it’s my team, internal audiences, or external audiences. I’m really excited. I’ll be more creative, more willing to be creative and I’m excited to do it. I’d certainly recommend this session.

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Jerry Acuff, CEO,
Delta Point, Inc

My leadership team and I had a stunning learning experience with you this week at our presentation training. You made

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it personal for each of us and you had done your homework obviously. The concepts you taught us, as well as the methodology you shared for making “amazing” presentations were incredible and will make each of us better presenters without a doubt. I have begun recommending you already and anyone I meet who needs or wants the kind of expertise and energy you bring to your work will have their arms twisted by me. Thanks for an A plus plus session and we look forward to better presentations and a long relationship with a terrific and important new business friend.

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Vera Quinn, Chief Operating Officer, Cydcor

Being able to communicate effectively is a skill everyone at any level needs to know in order to be successful, we all get our

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work done through connecting to the hearts and minds of others. What the Elite Group Experience helped me do is articulate what is in my heart and mind, I developed my Throughline. Then I learned how to make it come alive with powerful words, images and experiences that would create the connection to others. It helped push me out of my comfort zone, try new things in front of any audience big or small and it also made me think much more holistically about the impact I have on others and what that responsibility means. I am more prepared, I am more daring and I am making a bigger impact on others. Months later I hear from people that have heard me speak and they can remember my topic, they remember the feeling they had when they listened and most meaningful is when they tell me how they changed something because of it. I would recommend this course to everyone looking to improve the way they communicate and the impact they make when they communicate.

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Barbara Fagan-Smith, Founder and CEO, ROI Communication

Victoria’s coaching, both individual in the Executive Mastery Series as well as the Elite Group, is absolutely worth

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the time and investment. I came in a competent presenter, but now I’m on a whole new level! Outstanding.

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Bill Ester,
Bill Ester Enterprises

Victoria is an absolute genius when it comes to platform skills. Prior to a couple of big gigs that I had last spring, I flew out to

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Victoria’s New York City studio and worked with her for a couple of days. The experience was amazing. She is a master. In those two days, we worked very hard to turn my so-so presentation into an unforgettable performance. She is a big stickler on using the entire platform as a stage and engaging the audience in ways I had never even dreamed about. And of course, the proof is in the pudding. When I gave that next presentation, I was absolutely blown away by the audience reaction! I still get chills just thinking about that first time. Victoria nailed it for me. When I came off of the platform, I felt as if I had just won the gold medal. And I had.

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Kathy Pike, Program Director Columbia University

Victoria’s the real deal. It’s not just about techniques with Victoria it’s about connecting presentation skills with what really matters.


Caroline Goles, Senior Director, Microsoft

I got a tremendous amount out of the workshop from both Victoria as well as the others. I feel much more prepared to do

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presentations big and small. It was a fantastic event and I encourage anyone to consider investing the time. You’ll get 10x what you put into.

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Dr. Kim D’Eramo, Global Leader in MindBody Medicine

I was FINALLY able to articulate what’s been inside me all my life wanting to get out. This program brought me so much deeper into

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my message so I can be who I am here to be.

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Andrew Erlich, Ph.D, Psychologist, Author and Speaker

Your creativity, wit, dedication and masterful acting direction helped me bring my keynote to life for my audiences and moved

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me to a deeper level as a professional speaker. You made all the difference in the world. Before each presentation, I review the notes you gave me and they mean more the more as I grow and improve. Thank you! Thank you! Aspiring speakers and tried and true professionals who have not worked with you should beat a path to your door.

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Lalo Burgos, Vice President,

I am inspired, humbled, and grateful. Getting to know Victoria and the Elite Group Experience has changed my life. I have more

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energy with the audience when I speak. I do things that I would have never thought possible for me to do, and I can truly see the impact of every presentation that I do. I think differently. Love it.

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Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 4, 5, 2017

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